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Frequently asked questions
about Shampoo Bars

  • How Do I Use a Shampoo Bar?
    Our most asked question for sure! So much so we made a video about it, wrote about it, AND printed it on the box. But the short version is: 1. Brush out any loose hairs, or product build up 2. Fully saturate hair with water 3. Lather bar between hands and apply lather to hair 4. Emulsify lather, working it into scalp 5. Rinse completely 6. Follow with Luminous Conditioner 7. Rinse well
  • Do shampoo bars lather?
    Yes! Our bars create a rich foamy lather when rubbed between hands. We don't recommend applying the bar directly to your scalp because you can use too much making it difficult to rinse out throughly. Rather, rub the bar between hands under running water. Apply that lather to your scalp and work it into a foamy shampoo. If you still need more, FIRST add more water to your hair. These bars are concentrated and NEED the water to foam. If you still need more shampoo, work the bar for more lather.
  • Are Bars safe for color treated hair?
    YES! Our bars were formulated by a hairstylist specifically to help clients (most of whom have color treated hair). All our offerings are pH balanced to a level between 4.5-5.5 which is also the range of healthy scalp conditions. This means the hair cuticle is not blasted open (by a harmful shampoo/product) and is able to hold onto artificial coloring without fading.
  • Do I need a Conditioner Bar?
    This varies greatly, but generally YES it's a good idea to conditioner hair. As hair grows long it loses the natural lubrication provided by the scalp. This can lead to dry ends. Adding Luminous Conditioner Bar helps to remoisturize the mid lengths and ends to revitalize hair for healthy shine and managability.
  • How do I care for my bars?
    Blue Rituals shampoo and conditoner bars are made from natural ingredients and are susceptable to dissolving if left in standing water or direct water flow. Be sure bars are placed out of the way from running shower water and allowed to drain dry. We crafted our bamboo altars to fit in a typical shower to promote proper drainage and extend longevity.
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