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The Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair Health

Shea Butter for Hair



Shea butter is produced from nuts of the Shea tree, originating and commonly found in west Africa.


Once the nut is harvested the kernel is crushed and pressed to release this amazing oil.

Shea Butter has been used in hair care for so long that it's said that Nefertiti insisted on using it for her own hair and skin needs!

What are the benefits of SHEA butteR for hair?


Shea butter is a well known hair care ingredient used for its complex blend of essential fatty acids, vitamin A, E, and F.

The moisturizing effects of Shea butter help to reduce split ends, dryness and increase shine by reducing frizz. It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce scalp stress and irritation without clogging your pores. This leaves hair feels smooth and refreshed, while it heals and protects.

Scalp irritations such as eczema and psoriasis are caused by inflammation. Shea butter provides a nourishing and protective layer to soothe inflammation, which calms dry itchy scalp.

Shea Butter for Hair 2
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Benefits of
Shea Butter for hair

  • Deeply moisturizing effects

  • Reduces split ends, dryness, and frizz

  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing to the scalp

  • Protects your hair and scalp

Nourish your hair with a SHEA CONDITIONER BAR


Shea butter for hair health, moisturizing, and protection is one nature's best beauty secrets.

This well rounded butter is a perfect component of our Luminous conditioner bar for its lightweight, non greasy, deeply refreshing, and shine enhancing abilities.

Also, check out Blue Rituals shampoo bars, as they are are packed with the goodness of mango seed butter, Vitamin A, and E and other incredible nourishing hair ingredients.


What is Your Hair Type?

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Click a link or image below to learn about more ingredients that are amazing for your hair health!

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