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3 Tips for Making the Switch: Transition to a Shampoo Bar

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

How can I transition to a Shampoo Bar?

The first step in making your conscious beauty journey successful is finding the bar that's just right for your hair needs. Follow our guide below to find your perfect shampoo ritual.

Transition to a Shampoo Bar if you have:

  • Thick, long, dry or curly hair. If you are highlighted, or have chemically treated hair the best bar for you is Lavish Moisturizing Shampoo. This is also a great choice for those who blow dry, flat iron or curl daily and need protection from heat damage thanks to the added JoJoba Oil.

  • Fine to Normal, straight, wavy, well balanced hair that needs cleansing without stripping. These types benefit most from the Fluo Daily Balancing shampoo because of its gentle cleansing and moisturizing mango seed butter. This well balanced bar provides fresh clean invigorated hair without extra weight, perfect for daily use.

  • Oily, or itchy scalps. Fine, limp hair or heavy, thick, oily hair that normally requires two washes. These hair and scalp types are best served by our Clarico clarifying shampoo because of the added Sacha Inchi and Peppermint Oil. This bar is a great addition as the first step in a double cleanse ritual.

Once you find the right bar the next thing to master is technique, and while shampooing your hair isn't rocket science there are a few things to consider when just starting out. To read more in depth click here.

Follow these basic steps of using a shampoo bar:

  1. Detangle and brush before you wash

  2. Saturate hair with water completely, before adding shampoo

  3. Lather bar in hands, not on head

  4. Work lather in thoroughly, do two washes if needed

  5. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Patience makes Perfect

The last tip for a successful transition to a shampoo bar is to have patience.

For those already using sulphate free shampoos the transition will be minimal. But if you're new to sulphate free shampoos you may notice a difference in your hair.

Consider these few things before starting with bars:

  • Start the switch when you have clean (cleanish) hair. Think about it, you wouldn’t try a new deodorant on sweaty pits, so give your hair the best chance of falling in love with bars by starting on cleaner hair.

  • Don’t be afraid of a double cleanse, you’re not stripping your hair. Our bars are pH balanced and are not soap. They are highly effective, carefully formulated shampoos made to cleanse without stripping and to bring balance back to your hair. This is especially true if you have hard water, as the minerals can naturally cause a buildup on hair.

  • Skip the ACV and go for Clarico instead. Unlike other bars that require acid to break though the build up our bars are formulated without heavy waxes and oils. If you feel like you need a deep cleanse do one wash with Clarico and follow with either Fluo or Lavish (or one more of Clarico for excessive buildup). To learn more about our Double Cleanse Ritual click here.

Is it Hard to make the Transition to a Shampoo Bar?

When switching to Blue Rituals Bars from other traditional shampoos there is no transition period. This is something you'll find more commonly if using hand made bars that don’t have the proper balance between cleansing and oils. These bars can leave a sticky feeling in the hair, and quite often require an acidic base (vinegar) cleanse to break down the oil build up.

Because our bars were formulated for different hair types, we have perfected the cleansing and natural oil balance needed for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

We hope these tips will make your transition to shampoo bars seamless. We believe doing better beauty shouldn't require compromise and can't wait for your hair to fall in love with our bars!

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