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The Benefits of OATMEAL
For Hair Health

Benefits of Oatmeal for Hair

Using Oatmeal for Your Hair?


You read that right. It turns out that the properties of Oats can improve and protect your hair.


Hydrolyzed oat protein is naturally derived from oats, specifically the Aveena sativa kernel.


The unique composition of this protein is very similar to animal proteins, while also containing two proteins not found in any other grains. These protein, globulins and avenin, are key components in balancing between moisture and protein by penetrating the cuticle and binding with water. 

What are the benefits of oatmeal for hair?


The basic structure of healthy hair contains a balance of proteins and lipids. Through, daily heat styling, chemical treatments, and harsh cleansers can all lead to a breakdown of hair proteins.


As that happens, hair may feel dry, crunchy, and dull. There may even be an increase in shedding, split ends, and tangles. 

The molecule of hydrolyzed oat proteins is small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, which helps improve moisture retention, shine, and body.

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Benefits of Oatmeal for Hair Health

  • Balances moisture and protein in hair

  • Supports smoother and shinier hair

  • Protects from split ends and tangles

the hair care power of an Oatmeal shampoo bar


We’ve added Hydrolyzed Oat protein to all of our shampoo formulas to help repair the damage and strengthen the hair strands from the inside.


Once there is a healthy balance between moisture and protein, hair becomes manageable, soft, bouncy and shiny!

Blue Rituals shampoo bars are packed with the goodness of luxurious hair healthy ingredients.


Feel the nourishing power of oatmeal in the Lavish, Fluo, and Clarico shampoo bars!


What is Your Hair Type?

Your hair requires unique care to support volume and vitality. Take our Hair Quiz to learn your type and how to show up for your hair!



Blue Rituals packs our natural shampoo and conditioner bars with high quality ingredients that were selected to enrich, protect, and revitalize your hair, naturally, reliably, and sustainably.

Click a link or image below to learn about more ingredients that are amazing for your hair health!

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