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The Benefits of Kokum Butter for Hair

Kokum Butter for Hair

What is KOKUM butter?

Kokum butter is a well known component among experts in the hair industry, but by most people it can often be overlooked in favor of more popular butters like shea and coconut.


Extracted from the seeds of the fruit tree indigenous to India, Kokum butter is used in lotions, medicines and in many cosmetic recipes. The highly emollient qualities of Kokum Butter make it a great ingredient for shampoos and conditioners. 


To make kokum butter, extreme pressure is applied to the seeds to extract the oil, then the oil is processed into a vegetable butter.

What are KOKUM butter Benefits for hair?

This nutrient-packed oil nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs dry hair. It also smooths hair's texture to work more efficiently to defrizz and define curls.

Plus, its thick consistency and high melting point makes it ideal for making naturally formulated conditioners that impart healthy shine without being heavy.

Kokum butter is also beneficial in helping hair elasticity, which helps prevent breakage allowing hair to grow longer and stronger.  

KOKUM butter for hair and scalp health!


Even though it’s often an overlooked ingredient, the rich fatty acids in kokum butter are essential for stimulating the scalp to create healthy hair. The blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 can help to lower inflammation, which will reduce stress on the follicles.

Kokum butter has also been found in recent studies to protect your hair, specifically against the damaging UV rays from the sun, which can lead to dry, dull hair. 

Kokum Butter for Hair 2

Kokum butter for hair

  • Promotes hair growth without clogging pores

  • Strengthens hair at the root to prevent breakage

  • Controls frizz without weighing down strands

  • Nourishes dry scalp for a flake free healthy scalp

  • Protects your hair against UV rays

  • Leaves hair looking radiant and gorgeous



Kokum butter is a lightweight plant based moisturizer that was chosen as the perfect addition to our Luminous Conditioner bar.


It is easily absorbed, never feels like a greasy finish, and leaves hair soft, touchable, and shiny.

Feel the silky nourishing power of kokum butter in our Conditioner bars, and pair them with our Shampoo bars!

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