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Green Tea
FOR HAIR Growth + health

Green Tea for Hair Growth

Green tea for your hair?


Green tea, Camellia sinensis, may be more well known as a drink, but the extract is actually loaded with antioxidants that promote hair health.


Green tea extract is actually emerging as one of the most effective natural ingredients for hair, skin, nails, and overall health. 

The antiseptic properties of green tea extract are thought to help in reducing scalp flaking and irritation caused by dandruff. This gentle cleansing and nutrient powered ingredient allows our bars to bring the best for your hair and healthy scalp.

Can you use Green Tea for Hair Growth?


Green tea extract works to protect hair against accumulated damage and strengthen the condition of your locks naturally. By protecting the cuticle, it boosts shine and increases volume while leaving your hair soft, manageable and frizz-free.

One of the most interesting components of green tea for hair is EGCG, which when applied topically has been shown to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.


Green tea extract helps also helps healthy hair grow by gently exfoliating the scalp and reducing inflammation around the follicle.


Green Tea for Hair Growth 2

Green tea for hair

  • Antioxidants targeting hair health

  • Antiseptic properties heal scalp, reducing flaking, irritation, itching, and dandruff.

  • Strengthens your hair

  • Boosts shine and volume

  • Slows or prevents hair loss

  • Promotes and supports hair growth

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How can I find Green tea shampoo?

Blue Rituals developed a shampoo bar containing green tea extract to help protect your hair and scalp from damage while cleansing.


We use green tea extract as an ingredient because it is known for its wonderful health benefits and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants targeting healthy hair.

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are packed with luxurious, natural, and nourishing ingredients.


Feel the nourishing power of green tea for your hair in the Lavish, Fluo, and Clarico shampoo bars!


What is Your Hair Type?

Your hair requires unique care to support volume and vitality. Take our Hair Quiz to learn your type and how to show up for your hair!



Blue Rituals packs our natural shampoo and conditioner bars with high quality ingredients that were selected to enrich, protect, and revitalize your hair, naturally, reliably, and sustainably.

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